Overcast Sound release remixes of Untitled 12

Available for free download directly from Overcast Sound are three remixes of tracks from their Untitled & After release Untitled 12.

1 – Kommós (VRSN Remix)
2 – Sarapiquí (Chord’s Reduction Mix)
3 – Kommós (OVERCAST SOUND Drifting Mix)

Available FREE from OVERCAST SOUND here.
Groj – Untitled 14


A – Beren Gardh
B – Nén Varna
C – Ethuil Siniath

Groj’s Untitled 14 collects three techno tracks, at once epic and quirky. Groj’s use of synthesis is so diverse and highly crafted that electronic becomes organic, each track creating its own ecosystem of cohabiting life-forms. Though Untitled 14 is aimed at the dancefloor, you could almost imagine no human hand intervening in their creation, but artificial life forms creating sound according to game theory that balances struggle with harmony.
Beren Gardh (the bold world) is entangled and suspenseful, generating rippling sounds that accumulate to capacity…and release.
Nén Varna (safe waters) is a steady thump amidst turmoil, seeking island refuge from a wild ocean.
Ethuil Sinath (spring tidings) is an ornate and sensual progression of beats and blossoming vernal melodies.

Laurent Garnier (F Communications)
Rating: 4 – will play this a lot

Deepchild (Trapez / Anabatic / Resopal)
Rating: 4 – Loose and experimental, dope. Exciting to hear such unexpectedly creative work.

Max Cooper (Traum)
Thanks for this, Beren Gardh is a really really great track!!

Tom Findlay (Groove Armada / Lovebox)
Rating: 4 – nice and moody, but not too much so.

Kenneth Scott – Untitled 13


A – so fast
B – so long ago

Kenneth Scott’s Untitled 13 is a deep techno generator, running low and slow. Churning below the 120 BPM threshhold, these heavy tracks overflow with sparkling details and melodic twists.

so fast pumps out Detroit-tuned synths with a near-orchestral approach to composition…but something’s not quite right as leads joust in and out of tune, jumping left and right, creating unexpected, decentered shifts.
so long ago spins like a dark, dancefloor caliope in dialog with minimal pricks and pops.

This pair of tracks were originally lost when Scott’s laptop was stollen from a gig in 2009. Luckily, a cd-r of so fast and so long ago was found in the DJ booth at legendary 222 Club in San Francisco in early 2010.

Hence, this pairing is the beginning and the end. There will never be a remix.

Overcast Sound – Untitled 12


A – Sarapiquí
B – Kommós
C – Sarapiquí (Organon Remix)

Overcast Sound’s Untitled 12 is a deep and rich chapter in the mysterious and unyielding history of dub-tech. These three tracks exist in the haze between a museum dose of opiates and REM sleep.
Sarapiquí is a slow tempo pulse guiding us past breathing caves, bird sounds and open spaces that issue strangely familiar sounds that we just can’t place.
Kommós merely hints at rhythmic propulsion as subtle sounds glide by, just perceptible, just out of reach. A man’s murmuring voice confides to the listener – a confession? A cry for help? An apology? His voice and the sounds that cradle it, pass timelessly without resolution.
Organon’s remix of Sarapiquí is slighty more psychedelic than the original as textures and deep chords undulate and swirl. The dub tech rhythm pushes more to the up beat through myriad atmospheric details.


Dubfire (Sci + Tec / Deep Dish)
Rating: 5/5

DJ Bleed (De:Bug Magazine)
Rating: 4/5

Rick Bull – Deepchild (Trapez / Anabatic / Resopal)
lovely rainy-day dub….superdeep…in good company with Vladislav Delay et al…

Q-Burns Abstract Message (Eighth Dimension / EIGHT-TRACKS / Invisible Airwaves Radio Show)
Rating: 4/5
Lush + Gorgeous.

Robert Crouch – Untitled 11


1 – Malibu
2 – Indian Summer
3 – Everything Is Forgiven

Robert Crouch’s Untitled 11 is the result of experiments in writing techno tracks based on field recordings and generating rhythmic textures through spontaneous looping and re-sampling. Each track creates its own sense of place, locating the listener or dancefloor away from their immediaate surroundings to somewhere thick with ambient sound – from human to natural soundscapes. But rather than taking us to some dislocated non-space, the atmospheres are immediate and palpable. Very there – in a tension and release between yearning and fullfillment.


Luciano (Cadenza)
Rating: 5/5

Laurent Garnier
Rating: 4/5
Very good ep – will present it on the radio and will play Malibu in my dj set

Rick Bull / Deepchild (Trapez / Anabatic / Resopal)
Rating: 4/5
Really gorgeous stuff….spacious and elegant and emersive sound design.

Mathias Schaffhäuser (Ware Records)
Rating: 4/5
Cool stuff, pretty untrendy + beyond mainstream. like it!

Pezzner (Freerange / Om / Jacob London)
Rating: 5/5
Incredible stuff here. Ambient themes that resemble the likes of Jeff Greinke and Zoviet France, but with a bit of a dance beat – always a good idea! Although something is itching my brain about the trance bassline in Malibu, its not going to stop me from listening to it again. Very good work here.
Various Artists – Untitled 10



Morgan Packard – Apple Pie
Robert Crouch – 5th of July
Andrew Duke + i8u – Hovercraft
Andrew Duke + i8u – Hovercraft (Chaircrusher Remix)
Birdcage – When Dream and Day Unite
Bizz Circuits - mouvement aé rien
sublamp – andamurmur
Jondi & Spesh with Brian Stillwater – Big Air (Ambient Mix)
Robert Crouch / Yann Novak – Santa Fe
Leyland Kirby – Ready To Go Down Together
Artwork by Marc Kate

For its tenth release, Untitled & After issues a compilation of music that seeks solace in the outer reaches of electronic music. Akin to Kompakt’s Pop Ambient series, Untitled 10 (The Black Album) pulls away from the structures of techno into more expansive terrain.

Collected from artists as diverse as Bizz Circuits and Morgan Packard, from locations as distant as Sapporo, Los Angeles and Berlin, Untitled 10 (The Black Album) is a meditation on the tension between force and fragility. An extension of the beat driven roots of Untitled & After, this compilation revels in the paranoid spaciousness of dub, the personal documents of field recordings and the otherworldliness of soft synthesis. Here, ambient is not a genre, but a timeless, spaceless moment. Untitled 10 (The Black Album) attempts the impossible by documenting something so fleeting.

Birdcage – Untitled 09

Untitled 0901.05.2010

- Clair de lune
- Love Replica
Artwork by Jesse Somfay

For his second EP on Untitled & After, Sapporo, Japan’s Birdcage continues to generate playful but mysterious shoegazer techno. Both Clair de lune and Love Replica create juxtapositions between structured, linear techno and swirling textures. Electronic pulses and moody drones play off of field recordings that deepen the feeling that while this music is ethereal, there is something very palpably real and present in the layers between beats and tones.
Untitled 09 sounds like music created in an antique music box repair shop. Creaks and pings like rusted clocks. Purrs and sparkles like a warm wind blowing through a baby crib’s multicolored mobile.

Dubfire (Sci + Tec / Deep Dish)

Laurent Garnier
nice trippy deepness
Really like this, very nice atmospheric deepness. will play for sure

Stacey Pullen
(Blackflag / Music Man / 20:20 Vision / KMS / etc.)
beautifully done!

Santiago Ferrer / Xpansul
(True Type / Ovum / Soma)
Excellent stuff. Perfect for deeper vibes.

Jack O’Shaughnessy
(The MML)
To say Birdcage’s music is sublime would be an understatement. Both tracks are equally evocative: “Claire de Lune” shimmers with a soft brilliance and curious sonic undercurrents; “Love Replica” is a moody journey built around a minor chord and dreamlike atmospherics. Both recommended!

Birdcage Live set at Combine Daikanyama

Birdcage’s recent Live PA at Combine Daikanyama in Toyko.

Silencefiction – Untitled 08

Untitled 0812.15.2009

- Darkling (Birdcage Remix)
- Darkling (Silencefiction’s Murmurous Remix)

Artwork by Margie Schnibbe

Eight months after the release of Silencefiction’s techno march “Darkling”, Untitled & After delivers two very different remixes.
From Sapporo Japan comes Birdcage’s dark, epic remix. Lush, ominous drones are met with Steve Reich clap patterns. Suddenly an exhilerating storm of percussion joins the pulsing kicks somewhere between a drumline and batucada. Constantly rising and evolving, it moves from dark to celestial.
 Silencefiction remixes his own track into something mysterious and minimal. Globules of liquid sound twist and turn around rooted, tracky rhythms. Fuzzy bass pulses are met with haunting echos.


Laurent Garnier
4/5 – Goood tripy number Will play this for sure

President Bongo (GusGus / Gluteus Maximus)
4/5 – birdcage is the mix

Mike Clark (Agent X (Planet E / Nite Life Collective / Beatdownsounds)
4/5 – Good minimal

Limacon (Poker Flat / Resopal Schallware / Force Inc. / Auralism)
AWE-SOME percussion on the Birdcage remix.

Derek Plaslaiko (Bunker / Spectral / Beyond Booking)
5/5 – Birdcage remix for me! DAMN! Thanks!

Alland Byallo (Nightlight Music / Utensil / [KONTROL])
Birdcage remix is nasty!!! I love it!


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