Never Knows feat. Jupiter – Untitled 25


A – Concrete. Drama.
B – Concrete. Drama. (Instrumental)

San Francisco’s Never Knows last turned heads and covertly moved dance floors with the provocative single “Black Enough,” a collaboration with vocalist Kevin Knapp for the Untitled & After label. Continuing in this spirit of inspired collaborations Never Knows launches the next single, “Concrete. Drama.” this time featuring the vocal contribution of Jupiter, an enigma of San Francisco queer culture. Jupiter appears at clubs in outfits that would make Leigh Bowery turn his head, chanting, rhyming, singing, and toasting along to club beats.

Never Knows’ Marc Kate aspired to capture this identifiable essence within “Concrete. Drama.” and succeeds with style and attitude to spare. A stark four-on-the-floor clap and kick open proceedings, soon joined by an ominous bass line, ringing keys, and roomy percussion. Jupiter intones a bit of thought-provoking wordplay, speaking to the tensions between the rituals of the club, the rituals of the forest, and the hard realities of urban living. The cut builds with purpose, with not so much a climax as an unknowing revelation … keys, bass, rhythm, and words washing over the nightclub like a fine mist as bodies sway. It’s another subversive treat from Never Knows and Untitled & After, immediately requiring your sonic attention.


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